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The Path Forward   Friday 21 May 2021 8:00p EDT | 5:00p PDT


On Friday, 21 May 2021 at 8:00p EDT (5:00p PDT), the University of Connecticut and its partners will host a virtual Eastern Forum for Esports Coaching & Teaching (#EFFECT2021) panel discussion for trainers, coaches, teachers, parents, players, and others interested in the intersection of esports and education. The Eastern Forum for Esports Coaching & Teaching connects individuals involved in the growing community of online gaming to discuss, organize, and implement meaningful esports team development, management, teaching, and outreach strategies. Tyler Schrodt - Chief Executive Officer - Electronic Gaming Federation - New York, New York
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Panel Discussion Theme

The 2021 Eastern Forum for Esports Coaching & Teaching virtual panel discussion will emphasize an overarching theme of:

From Zero to Esports
  • GUIDE attendees to career trajectories that are directly and indirectly associated with esports (including both STEM and the humanities, public and private organizations);
  • EXPLORE esports coaching methods that optimally serve middle and high school as well as collegiate and professional teams;
  • CONNECT individuals interested in and involved with esports, from players, teachers, and coaches to researchers, shoutcasters, and members of the media;
  • ORGANIZE a shared vision for the esports community of practice;
  • FOSTER greater racial, ethnic, gender, and cultural diversity among esports teams and associated institutions;
  • CONSIDER differences among and accommodations for players with different cognitive, physical, or emotional skills and abilities

For questions concerning the Eastern Forum for Esports Coaching & Teaching (#EFFECT2021), please contact:

Email: stephen.slota@uconn.edu
Twitter: @EFFECT_2021

The 2021 Eastern Forum for Esports Coaching & Teaching is sponsored by the UConn Two Summers Educational Technology MA/SD Online Program:

Website: edtech.education.uconn.edu

Email: twosummers@uconn.edu

Twitter: @uconn2summers

Dr. Michael Young
Coordinator, Educational Technology
Associate Professor of Educational Psychology

e: michael.f.young@uconn.edu
p: (860) 486-0182

Dr. Stephen Slota
Asst. Coordinator, Educational Technology
Assistant Professor-in-Residence of Educational Technology / Digital Media & Design

e: stephen.slota@uconn.edu
p: (860) 486-8926

Andrew Cochran 
Graduate Assistant, Educational Technology

e: andrew.cochran@uconn.edu

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